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 BC's Build (taken from Asda forums)

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BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) Empty
PostSubject: BC's Build (taken from Asda forums)   BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 10:21 pm

>.> Now all the other tanks can pick and prod at my build.

I'll explain my choices with each section.

BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) AsdaStory_2009225_133328

Fatal Blow - Gotta put points somewhere. Plus it does a little bit of damage.
JumpSlash - I did it mainly to spend points and have a little damage, but I've learned it works great against gnomes. About 10 - 12k per hit and it can also stun and let me get off another attack to kill it.
Sword Master - Increases chance for sub effect. That means provoke isn't 95% anymore, chance to stun is higher, and grenade's fire damage has a better chance to work.
Focus - <3 critical damage
Charge - Stuns, so meh. I like it.
Shield Mastery - Defensive passive skill, good for all tanks.
Provoke - Just in case something gets away. I rarely use it though.
Threat - Since I do use a decent amount of skills, this helps a lot.
Strike Down - The damage sucks, but it can hold aggro for those 15 secs while splint is on CD. Splash damage and a chance to stun.
One-hand Sword Mastery - Moar damage plox.
Wide Provoke - Just in case aggro is spread all over.
Catch Breath - VERY useful skill that VERY few tanks have. It lowers the CD of your skills by 2 seconds. Doesn't seem like a lot, but on bosses you can get 3 or 4 extra starlight slashers in.
Defense Mastery - Moar defense plox.
Iron Skin - See above.
Starlight Slasher - Doing 10 - 12k damage per hit is smexy.

BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) AsdaStory_2009225_133336

Enhanced Iron Skin - Moar-moar defense plox.
Return Damage - Actually, this works to keep aggro. Ever walked by a mob trying to build it up with another, and they get a few hits in on you? Your hit back to them will help keep your aggro. Plus I've seen this hit on Rahan for like 15k 😉
Mad Charge - Don't really know why I got this, but I think for PvP it'll be nice.
Impenetrable Shield - Kinda worthless except when you're on bosses. The added chance to block is nice, but the CD and use time is kinda crappy.

BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) AsdaStory_2009225_133347

Physical Training - Getting stam is nice? >.> I haven't used the Berserker tree, but there's nothing else in LS or IS that I want.

BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) AsdaStory_2009225_133356

Weak Point Analysis - I <3 critical damage
Lesson - I use dex sowels, so when a mob misses, they take damage.
Strength Training - Passives are good.
Rapid - I don't use this all that often, but I always start with it on a boss.
Splinter Effect - Fun times. Good way to control aggro.
Weakened Area - GREAT way to keep aggro. Lowers attack and moving speed for all mobs around you and leads to high threat.
Splash Splinter - Adds extra distance to splinter.
Grenade - Does decent damage, stuns, and it's splash damage. Added with extra things to it, can do even more damage.
Destroy Armor - Works well on bosses. Can add about an extra 20 - 25% damage to all attacks when maxed and on mobs.
Witcheryerful Splinter - Increases Splint Damage
Grenade Witcheryer Up - Adds to grenade damage
Sharp Splinter - Adds poison damage to splint, adding more damage in total.
Scortching Effect - Adds fire damage to grenade, adding more damage in total.

So there you go. I'm not really built for PvP, although I could probably do a little bit of damage. I don't really have trouble holding aggro with most people. I think the only two that have taken aggro from me on a constant basis are UaSnack and Mizuki (because her sword is beast >.>) so the build works well. I've been able to tank NV and Eagle from level 38. MF was being done around lv 42. SD has been working just fine since lv 53 (I was level 53 when it came out >.>).

The way to use the build is simple. Center your normal attacks and let the splinter build up some aggro. Then toss in a grenade, strike down, whatever. Get the stun and fire damage working. Then when you've weakened the normal mobs, start doing extra damage to the generals/bad mobs with SS or Jumpslash.

The key to tanking around lv 50 or running SD is having a good weapon. Your defense will be fine as long as you're with a competent healer. But if your weapon sucks, you won't be able to hold aggro no matter what you do. Try to get it to at least +5 if not a CC item. Get a hero sowel for it. If you can hold aggro and keep it off of your archer and spear DDs, the healer(s) can focus on you and you alone, which makes up for a slight lack in defense (if you have one).

The build is easy to set up. Attacks on your main hotkey along with your mob controls (provoke, weakened area) and I keep splinter on the end so I can see the cooltime. Second hotkey is buffs and pots.

And as a general word to all tanks - When you're tanking a party, take charge. Tell the DDs to share target. Make sure no one is using AoE right off the bat before your splinter can hit. It's stupid things like that which get parties wiped out, and it's up to you to tell people not to do it. If you have two healers, make sure the strongest is healing you, and the weaker healer is on the other party members. Remember, if the tank dies, 9/10 times the whole party is going to die. Let people know that if they get attacked, they run to you, so you can get the mobs off of them with your own AoE damage. Just take charge in general. Keep people in line.

So has fun. There's a rhyme and reason behind it all. If you've ever partied with me, I'm sure you've seen me use every skill on here.
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BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) Empty
PostSubject: Re: BC's Build (taken from Asda forums)   BC's Build (taken from Asda forums) I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 3:18 pm

Woo~ Nice build, BC. >:D
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BC's Build (taken from Asda forums)
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