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 AoE FireMage

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PostSubject: AoE FireMage   AoE FireMage I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 5:46 pm

If you like high damage output, low defense, cool skills animation, slow casting times, skill spamming, hp and mp potion addiction, buffing (both BOSSES and party members...oh and those random annoying people D:< jks) and taking aggro when you least expect it -- THIS is the build for you! AoE FireMage 402567

Basis: High damage output --> low survivability

AoE FireMage 711658 Its the AoE Fire Mage!

As an AoE and Fire attribute mage, I spent the majority of points in HF, naturally :3

Firebullet - because aoe mages are frequently yelled at by tanks "NO
SPLINTER NO AOE!" ofcourse I supplement this with Witch's Curse, OoF
and Burning for maximum damage (both DoT and Firebullet's crit + 10%
extra damage for burning stat and 10% extra damage for curse stat)

*Fire of Earth - not interested; while the burning sub option is there, it is not AoE nor does it offer the damage possibility that firebullet has; therefore 4thy no likey.

Ocean of Fire (OoF) - AoE, causes burning status

Meteor - AoE, quite possibly the best damage dealer for HF atm

Burning - single enemy, causes burning status different from OoF

Firestorm - AoE, very cool animation :D useful for smaller enemies since they need not be targeted for the skill to work (it works on the area around the character), fast damage about 4-8x per monster

Witch's Curse - AoE which causes the cursed status, just used to supplement firebullet and/or to AoE and DoT with lower lvl tanks

*Cursed Recovery - I've yet to try the additional point added to this, supposedly will damage by 130% (can't look up exact numbers because of ninja maint) when the enemy tries to recover (useful for gnomes - will try out later) So I'm adding this to the attack section

Life or Death - freeze enemies with yellow ice for 95% chance... saved people's butts when I remember to use it during 3man SD parties with no healer x.x and its fun ^_^ downside is it uses up all your mp (unless you have like 1 mp to begin with) I supplement with MP recover buff from the FL tree

Party Enlightenment - MP plox

Eagle eye - Increases range of magic attacks, curses and buffs. Great since buff-teles were phased out of the game. Also very very very useful for black rahan. (See Shaulim's video on the SD raid -.-)

Party Intelligience - more int = more damage

Incomplete Witchery - adds to crit damage

Invisibility - just because its fun >:D

Dangerous Business - heart attack skill for healers x.x I rarely use, and when I do, on bosses only, never when I'm soloing and = death when accidentally pressed while digging x.x (Its 1 sp and might be useful for later, when a 10% increase in magic attack could mean an extra 50-100k dmg or more)

Curse/Fire - prerequisites to Elemental something or other buff for enemies - I use on bosses to hack down HP at a much much faster rate

Amplify damage - like the name says - will see a big difference once 4th reaches higher lvls

HL Mp buff - for soloing (more mp) and when the healer doesn't have this party buff, I usually buff on myself and other mages/dds/tanks (when I'm not lazy)

Ressurection - not really a buff, but I got it specifically for the life saver title :P

Party Patience -more hp = more time to avoid death

Party Haste -only got it to move forward in the FL tree and because my sm threatened to disband if i didn't have it! lol!!

Melee -prerequisite to enhanced magic

Missile -^ same as above

Magic -more damage :3

Magic Concentration - use less mp - save money on pot(s) (though I recommend getting your alchemy to at least lvl30, it will level itself when you make mp pots that you use)

MP recover - recover 2k mp per 2sec - as stated above, used for lapidifying enemies (0mp left)

Blessed Recovery - good to have for soloing and hp potting (around lvl 50+ you should be able to tank in Kaamlan without a healer/sm heal/etc)

Passive skills:
Staff mastery - more damage nuff said

Fire mastery (w/e its called) - more fire damage

Protection of Holy Light - 30% less aggro - one of the reasons I CAN AoE when a tanker does not have splinter on provided: tank attacked first (booboosharetargetglitch), only Witch's Curse and Ocean of Fire is used. Meteor's damage is too high to use off the bat, and may cause some of the outlying monsters to turn on you. To be on the safe side, use burning and firebullet

Explosion of Light - Return damage to monsters who attack with melee for a percentage

I think that's all for now! But its a work in progress so til next time~ :x

HellFIRE Tree:
AoE FireMage AsdaStory_2009324_73625
AoE FireMage AsdaStory_2009324_73634

HeavenlyLIGHT tree:
AoE FireMage AsdaStory_2009324_73639

FloodedLAND Tree:
AoE FireMage AsdaStory_2009324_73646

(tbc) xD

This build is subject to change at any moment. Not responsible for deaths and/or loss of experience. Having this build does not guarantee 1337ness, nor will guarantee stated damage. ;3 But you will have a smexy mage, that's a given!

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PostSubject: Re: AoE FireMage   AoE FireMage I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 2:55 pm

Lol. Oooh! I have chills! Lmao. xD
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AoE FireMage
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