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 xMizuki's THS Build

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PostSubject: xMizuki's THS Build   xMizuki's THS Build I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 1:37 pm

Hokay...so I finally decided to make a guide for my super-awesome THS build. It has been extremely effective for me since I pretty much own. =P I'll try to list skills in the order I would get them and explain a lil how to use them for maximum ownage.

Last Survivor
Rising Dragon (5/5)
Strength Training (5/5)
Splinter (5/5)
Splash Splinter (1/1)
Weak Point Analysis (5/5)
Concentrated Slash (5/5)
Grenade (5/5) Nade+Concentrated Slash=pickles and kittehs ownage!!! ~o~
THS Mastery (5/5)
Enhanced Strength (5/5)
Witcheryeful Splinter (2/2)
Grenade Witcheryer Up (2/2) don't bother getting scorching effect after, it doesn't do much extra dmg
Sharp Splinter (2/2)
Enhanced Party Strength (1/1) parties will love you for this and expect every THS to have it

If you're starting from lvl 1, it might seem tempting to get Witchereyful Fighting Spirit, but just hold out for 2nd job's Concentrated Slash, since that is your stronger AoE attack. Honestly, since THS is pretty lame until 2nd job anyway, just use an OHS til then and save your points. ^^ Also, many THS choose to get Rapid and Lesson. I got rid of Rapid when I reskilled because I didn't feel a 3 minute cooldown was worth only 30 seconds of buff. Lesson's chance was just too low for me as well. (30% chance on a miss, ftl)

Once you get these basic THS skills, you can start to put points into the other trees. I decided to save 12 points for 3rd job THS skills.

Impenetrable Shield
Concentration Witcheryer (5/5)
Focus (5/5)
Charge (1/1) <33
No need to get party Focus/Concentration though, since pretty much all tanks will have it.

By the time you fill in all these skills, you should be to 3rd job, which is when the awesomeness of THS finally shows through. Use your saved points and pick up the first four of the following skills immediately. Then fill in the extra luck buff.

Last Survivor
Blow (5/5)
Last Survivor (1/1) this has saved my ass countless times... =P
Fragmentation Grenade (1/1) cooldown is long, but it's nice to bust out when regular nade is on cd
Clown's Coin (5/5)
Pray of Blessing (5/5) 125% luck, ftw! With sowels and this buff, my luck rivals a crossbow's ^^

A lot of people pick up either Bloodsucking or Sharp Weapon. I didn't have either initially, since the chance on both isn't great. I'd rather just pot or be healed in party than use 5 skill points. I decided to put these extra points on the Spear tree for the stamina buffs. I picked up Bloodsucking though with my post-level 50 points.

Physical Training (5/5)
Howl of Stamina (5/5)
Amplify Damage (1/1)
Dexterity Training (4/5)
Party Howl of Stamina (1/1)

I actually got Regenerative Witcheryer to fill in points til Party Howl, but it's lame and not worth it. =x I'm thinking stacking damage and dodge hax would be better, so that's what I listed instead.

All of these should spend your points to lvl 50. I am using my post-50 points for whatever else seems cool for the time being since I'll likely reskill again at 4th job.

Level 50+
THS-Sharp Weapon (5/5) Activates more than I thought it would, especially with Sword Master
OHS-Sword Master (2/2)
THS-Destroy Armor (5/5) I'm not really sure if I notice a difference, but I'm thinking it will be useful in PvP

Other skills I'm thinking of trying out are:
THS-Sprint (1/1)
THS-Porcupine Posture (1/1)
THS-Camouflage (1/1)

Well that's my guide! This should at least make your build smexy. My personal smexiness skills are a secret! >o< I'm always happy to help or answer questions though, so let me know!
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PostSubject: Re: xMizuki's THS Build   xMizuki's THS Build I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 2:53 pm

Lol. Miz~
I still say THS owns all! o:<
Lol. <3
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PostSubject: Re: xMizuki's THS Build   xMizuki's THS Build I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 9:21 pm

This is Sammy's basis <3333


You lift my feet off the ground;
You spin me around~
You make me crazier, crazier.

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PostSubject: Re: xMizuki's THS Build   xMizuki's THS Build I_icon_minitime

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xMizuki's THS Build
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