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 Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank

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Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank Empty
PostSubject: Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank   Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 01, 2008 11:41 pm

*Note: This is kinda a difficult build, because you'll only have one attack that will only have one point on it. Most of the time before lv 40, you'll use splinter as your main attack. Even after lv 40, you'll still use splinter alot. This build was designed to be a good tank that can hold lots of aggro, and not really for one on one battles, although soloing won't be too difficult because this build also goes for the best defense skills.

For this build, we're gonna go for splinter first, then work on ohs skills. First were gonna grab an attack from the ohs tree.

Impenetrable Shield

Concentration Witcheryer 5/5
Jump Slash 1/5

...jumping over to ths tree...

Last Survivor

Weak Point Analysis 5/5
Strength Training 5/5
Splinter 5/5
Splash Splinter 1/1

...now back to ohs...

Impenatrable Shield

Focus 5/5
Charge 1/1
Shield Mastery 5/5
Provoke 2/2
Threat 2/2 (good for increasing aggro, but if you dont like this skill, you can substitute it for another attack skill)
Sword Master 2/2 (again, i like it, but you can substitute the points in another skill or buff)
OHS Mastery 5/5
Wide Provoke 1/1
Repeted Hit 1/5 (this move is great for bosses, cuz it prevents them from healing. Do not put more than one point in this, cuz it does not increase the chance of the effect, only the duration and damage. And the discription is a typo. ><)
Iron Skin 5/5
Defense Mastery 5/5

..lets grab one thing from ths....

Last Survivor

Weakened Area 1/1 (this is a must for tanks, because not only does it pull aoe aggro, it lowers movement and attack speed)

...save points till 40....

Impenetrable Shield

Starlight Slasher 5/5
Enhanced Iron Skin 5/5
Return Damage 3/3
Mastery Of Survival 1/1 (i really like this skill, but its useless in MF and NV because the monsters there all use normal attacks, so feel free to substitute this point for another skill)
Crosscut 1/5 (I got this skill cuz its amusing and i needed one more point to get to Impenatrable Shield. Also feel free to replace this skill with anything u want)
*** Good optional skill: Catch Breath: The worse time for this build is when splinter runs out. This skill helps shave off some of the cooldown time of splinter and other skills, but it does take one extra buff slot :/)
Impenatrable Shield 1/1

Ok, by this point, you are done with the OHS tree. You can come back and get Mad Charge for when pvp comes out, but its not too useful in grinding. Now we're gonna work on maxing splinter and getting nade.

Last Survivor

Lesson 2/2
Rapid 1/1 (these two skills are just to get to the next set of skills, so feel free to distribute these points as you like)

*from here, you can play around with the build. As long as you get Witcheryerful Splinter and Sharp Splinter asap, you can go for any skills you want. For me, i wanted to get max damage on grenade, so this is what i did:

Grenade 5/5
Witchererful Splinter 2/2
Enhanced Strength 3/5 (for now)
Sharp Splinter 2/2
Grenade Witcheryer Up 2/2

...this is what i have so far, because i was only lv 49 at this point, but im gonna map out what im going to go for:

Enhanced Strength 5/5 (2 points used)
Scortching Effect 2/2
Party Strength 1/1
Sprint 1/1
Ehanced Counter Attack 5/5
Porcupine Posture 1/1

.....Ill stop here for now, because no ones gonna be able to get past lv 56 with the maps we have now T.T. Hope this helps!
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Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank Empty
PostSubject: um...?   Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2009 12:35 am

i noticed u put return dmg... thats ok if u got the pts, but if not, the 20% chance isnt good enuf, and not sure but i dint see bloodytrap, ina way its like another splint, but only atk skillz i got is, star, repeated and fatal blow (which isnt worht it) :(, repeated does more dmg than that...and ofc strikedown, but dont need/use.
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Dhaos's build for Splintering High Aggro Tank
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