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 International Set Trading

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PostSubject: International Set Trading   International Set Trading I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 12:39 pm

Okies, since these sets are awesome stat-wise (better than heroes O.O), I'm going for more than just looks this time. I have:

* 1 complete OHS stat Egyptian set, lvl 50 F fighter (and extra pieces)

* Almost complete lvl 50 F fighter Spear stat Egyptian set (missing helm)

* lvl 50 F fighter OHS stat Japanese vest

* lvl 50 F fighter Spear stat Japanese boots

* lvl 50 F fighter OHS stat Chinese vest and boots

* 2 - lvl 50 F fighter Korean sets (I don't have enough room in my inventory to open them atm, but I will if anyone is interested)

I'm looking for lvl 50 THS stat Egyptian boots, the Japanese vest/boots, and possibly the Chinese vest/boots. (LOL @ never getting vest or boots >.>) I'd maybeeeee take lvl 40 stuff. Willing to buy or trade (sets or anything else good I have).
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International Set Trading
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