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 Aesyr's Full Support Guide

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PostSubject: Aesyr's Full Support Guide   Aesyr's Full Support Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 8:22 pm

Note: I did not type this up myself, this build was made and created by Aesyr.

Posted on this site. http://www.asdalegend.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1322

I have used this build and it has worked perfectly fine; so far...

Heavenly Light:
This should be the primary tree. It has all of the healing spells which are essential to partying. Since people seem to have more hp than before, getting higher heals faster is more important. Focusing on only Heavenly Light might be a workable build... I spent my skills maxing this tree first.

First Class
5/5 Healing
Basic healing skill. Definite must for healing

5/5 Recovery
Like healing, Essentially skill that stays with you until higher recovery skills.

1/1 Res
Allows you to resurrect dead people... This can be useful if you're out of res scrolls.

1/1 Party Res
Similar to regular resurrect but for party members. Useful if more than one person dies.

2/5 Enhanced Energy
Filler skill to reach higher level skills. It can be handy in that you'll have more mp to use at a time... however, later on you'll be using mp potions a lot anyways... and mp regen is somewhat slow.

1/1 Dream Witchery
Pretty decent skill for putting monsters to sleep. For one point, it's a pretty good bargain. It's great for crowd control and I tend to use this on monsters that chase after other healers or low defense characters. Due note that the monsters wake up after being hit by an attack and may chase you afterward.

2/2 Intermediate Healing
Healing... get it.

5/5 Instant Healing
Healing. Instant healing has a different cooldown timer from regular healing so it provides more flexibility in your healing capabilities. I like to use instant healing for emergencies or for regular healing. Since instant healing has a higher cooldown time, I like to cast this first and then switch to regular heals.

2/5 Instant Witcheryer of Light
Improves your healing capabilities... I don't notice a huge advantage... so put points here only when you need filler for higher level skills.

1/1 Dispel
Heals a character from the stun or freeze effects. Generally not a useful skill since the majority of monsters won't stun people. The main exception so far has been in dCoC where I have noticed the monsters stunning once in awhile. However, you can still get by without casting dispel. Since this is only one point still, it's not horrible if you place a point here. I'd imagine that this skill becomes more useful when pvp comes along and characters will use status effects on each other.

For some boss battles, they will cast freeze... this skill can come in handy then.

Storm of Destruction
Protection of Holy Light
Attack skills... ewwww =P

Second Class
2/2 Intermediate Recovery
Better recovery skill.. get it.

1/1 Peacemaking
Lose all threat from monsters. Pretty good skill but sometimes I've noticed that monsters still chase after me... but still a bargain for one point.

2/2 Advanced Healing
Better healing.

2/2 Intermediate Instant Healing
Better healing.

5/5 Elemental Barrier
This is a maybe skill. Right now, it's pretty useless since monsters don't use elemental attacks. But, if they do implement it, it will be a handy skill.

1/1 Party Dispel
Woo hoo Party~; Unfortunately, not that useful yet; You can generally get by with just the single dispel skill. However, this costs the same mp as regular dispel so you may want this one for convenience.

Attack skill... bad choice =P

Preserve Soul
Auto resurrects a player... might be handy for other healers or etc. I avoided it since I want to control when someone resurrects. Would be a shame if someone resurrects and the mob kills them again...

Sacrificial Agreement
30% hp restored... for a 10% chance. Might be okay but the % doesn't seem that great. Let me know if anyone notices a difference with it.

Invincible to magic attacks... Haven't seen any magic attacks yet...

Blessed Resurrection
If you're going to use the resurrect spell, this is a good skill to have since it'll bring people back with an additional 40% hp and mp. People will be able to revive in a fighting shape.

Once you've obtained advanced healing, you should be ready for CoC and Forgotten Canyon.

Third Class
2/2 Advanced Recovery
Better Healing

2/2 Enhanced Recovery
Extends recovery time. This seems to be rather handy since it'll continually heal the player for longer. It essentially doubles the length of time for recovery

2/2 Superlative Healing
Better Healing. It has a separate cooldown timer from advanced/intermediate/regular healing. This allows more flexibility in your healing capabilities.

2/2 Instant Advanced Healing
Better Healing

3/3 Healing Mastery
Improves all healing spells. Yes please!

1/1 Self Healing
Great skill for healing yourself without adding threat. Definite must.

1/1 Party Healing
Awesome skill since it heals the entire party. It has a rather large cooldown time but it also generates no threat. Quite the bargain for one point.

5/5 Thunderbolt
One of the few exceptions for attack skills since it takes a % off of a monster's max hp. Great skill for bosses. But, since it is 5 points and you will be healing most of the time, may want to use the 5 points for other support skills. This skill seems to take away the % off the monster's max hp once. Afterward, it is only normal skill damage.

Flooded Land:
This tree doesn't seem quite as impressive as before. I did obtain Haste and Increase hp but the skills after that don't seem quite as useful as getting higher heals due to the high hp of players. Haste and increase are nice in that they help the entire party kill faster and survive longer while also being slightly useful for your own leveling.

5/5 Patience
1/1 Party Patience
5/5 Haste
1/1 Party Haste
5/5 Enhanced Melee
5/5 Enhanced Range
5/5 Protection Shield

Enhanced Melee and Enhanced Range are quite nice for the extra damage. The shields are probably the best skills for this tree. It acts as a buffer to absorb damage before the player starts to lose health. Party shield is one of the best buffs since they'll help your entire party later on in mobbier dungeons and acts as one of the few party heals.
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PostSubject: Re: Aesyr's Full Support Guide   Aesyr's Full Support Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 8:29 pm

k, I deleted the other one xD
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Aesyr's Full Support Guide
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