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 Tsuchi's FullSupport Guide

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PostSubject: Tsuchi's FullSupport Guide   Tsuchi's FullSupport Guide I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 11:30 am

Tsuchi's Full Support Guide up to lvl 51

above first job

storm of destruction 3p
Healing 5p
Resurrection 1p
Recovery 5p
Enhanced Energy 5p
Intermediate Healing 2p
Instant Healing 5p

above second job

Intermediate Recovery 2p
Dispel 1p
Enhanced party Energy 1p
Advanced Healing 2p
Party Resurrection 1p
Study Witcheryer of light 3p
Instant Intermediate Healing 2p
Sacrificial Agreement 1p
Blessed Resurrection 2p
Party Dispel 1p
Purification 1p
Study Witcheryer of light 2p

above third job

Superlative Healing 2p
Advanced Recovery 2p
Self-Healing 1p
Party-Healing 1p
Enhanced Recovery 2p
Dream 1p
Peacemaking 1p
Instant Advanced Healing 2p
Healing Mastery 3p this gives total 60points in HL now FL starts

Flooded Land

Patience 5p
Haste 5p
Enhanced Meelee 5p
Enhanced Range 5p
Party Haste 1p
Party Patience 1p
Magic Concentration 2p
Enhanced Magic Effect 1p -sorry dds i will be adding to this
Rapid Mana Recovery 1p
Cover up 1p
Blessed Recovery 3p
Ice Shield 1p
Protective Shield 3p
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Tsuchi's FullSupport Guide
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