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 Crossbow Build

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PostSubject: Crossbow Build   Crossbow Build I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2008 10:20 am

I've played as a crossbow up to lvl 45 when I decided to change to an AoE Xbow. Here are the skills on which you should get. My suggestion is to get the skills in this order.

First we start with the Crossbow Tree (Dragon Slayer):

Dragon Slayer:
Triple Shot (5)
Bloody Arrow (5)

This is so that you will have skills to kill with, and now we move on to Bow tree (Bloody Song). We're only taking buffs from other trees, so it's not exactly a hybrid, since you won't have to do heavy weapon changing.

Bloody Song
Strength Training (5)
Hawk Eye (1)

These buffs will help out with the damage output and it'll increase the DoT's damage as well. And now we'll move onto the Ballista tree (Soul of Master) for some dodging and dex buff, as well as Sharp Aim for more damage boost!

Soul of Master
Reflex Training (5)
Agility Training (5)
Sharp Aim (1)

And now we move back to the Crossbow tree.

Dragon Slayer:
Stun Shot (5)
Stun Mastery (2)
Hit Weak Spot (5)
Crossbow Mastery (5)
Snipe (5)
Step Back (1)
Surprise Attack (1)
Reduce Mana (1)
Fairy's Gift (5)
Lucky Spell (5)
Party Luck Spell (1)
Aiming (5)
Now we save the extra points for 3rd job. (By the time you get your 3rd job, you should have 4 extra points.)
Delayed Arrow (4)
Dragon Slayer (1)
Add Ammo (1)

You are now good with the Crossbow and Bow tree, now we switch back over to Ballista to finish up the buffs.

Soul of Master
Agility (4)
Study Aim (1)
Fearful Counterattack (5)
Agility (1)
Party Agility (1)

After you finish the Ballista tree with party agility, there really isn't anything else you need, so you can save the points for 4th job from here.

-Surprise Attack is bugged, so instead of stun, it will silence the enemy instead.
-Delayed Arrow is also bugged, instead of slowing down the movement and attack speed, it will heal curse the enemy instead. This is good on bosses as it will stop them from regenerating.
-Kyo's Luring Trick (^_^): I came across this bug on my own and have decided to share it with you guys. As you will find out, Sharp Aim is a skill that you apply onto a target to deal extra damage. Sharp Aim has a very long range usage, so the trick is to use sharp aim on a target nearest to you. Make sure you see the arrow pointing on them (be sure to use sharp aim and nothing else) now back away from the monster. You need to land a sharp aim on them and move away without attacking. Now that the arrow is on them, you can move anywhere on the map and then activate the lure by using a buff (When you use a buff, the monster with the arrow on their head will give chase. Beware that any monsters belonging to the group of the targeted monster will give chase also.) This is how the lure is done, it has the longest range of usage so it's very useful to pull lure away monsters away from bosses without having to get too close to attack. Before I forget!! Remind the healers not to use instant healing, because just like your buff, instant healing will activate the lure for you if you have sharp aim cast on a monster^^

This concludes my build on solo crossbows. I hope this comes in handy and that you guys will have fun using it!
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Crossbow Build
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